After recount:

William W. Fritz, Jr. 1633

Bruce Farmer 1634

1A Selectman William W. Fritz, Jr. (tie) 1632 

1B Selectman Bruce Farmer (tie) 1632 

1C Selectman Vin Cimino 286 

2A Selectmen Raymond J. Rigat 1388 

2B Selectmen Carol Walter 1700 

2C Selectmen Janet Aiken 313 

3A Selectmen Lynn Pinder 1438 

3B Selectmen John Giannotti 1886 

4B Treasurer Todd Pozefsky* 2440 

5A Board of Finance Jane Scully Welch* 2013 

5B Board of Finance Kirk Carr 1617 

5C Board of Finance Kirk Carr 283 

6B Board of Finance Ona Nejdl* 2024 

7B Board of Finance Doug Traynor* 2116 

8A Board of Education Erica S. Gelven 1643 

8B Board of Education Sandy Luke* 2296 

9A Board of Education Lois A. Ruggiero* 1769

9B Board of Education Peter Giannotti* 2174

11A Board Assessment Appeals Donald Hansen* 1707

11B Board of Assessment Appeals Mark Wolf 1361

11C Board of Assessment Appeals Cameron Vickers 278

12A Board of Assessment Appeals Alt. Alyson Roberts* 2157

13A Planning & Zoning Commission Amandeep Singh 1462

13B Planning & Zoning Commission Chris Aniskovich* 2121

13C Planning & Zoning Commission Pamela Fritz 877

14A Planning & Zoning Commission Alan S. Kravitz* 1512

14B Planning & Zoning Commission Gary Bousquet* 2242

15A Planning & Zoning Commission Timothy Guerra* 1740

17A Planning & Zoning Commission Alt. Giancarlo Colfer 1130

17B Planning & Zoning Commission Alt. Carl Neri* 1537

17C Planning & Zoning Commission Alt. Judy Hirsch 469

18A Zoning Board of Appeals Charles McEvoy 1477

18B Zoning Board of Appeals Dylan Walter* 1759

18C Zoning Board of Appeals Bernhard Weiss 540

19B Zoning Board of Appeals George Doerrer* 1843

20B Zoning Board of Appeals Alt. Dom Morelli* 2367

21A Police Commissioners Peter Niles* 1807

21B Police Commissioners Dom Morelli 1550

22B Police Commissioners Phil Sengle* 1945

21C Police Commissioners Armando Casucci 576

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