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Bruce Farmer

First Selectman

                 a place to call home 

The Liberty Green and the Indian River are at the heart of Clinton and celebrates what first brought settlers to our shores in 1663.  Since then, founded on the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Clinton promises its’ citizens the opportunity to live, to work and to thrive.  We need to insure that promise’s continuing fulfillment.
How well it fulfills that promise is not simply a matter of chance or luck.  It is a consequence of well chosen leaders whose policies, plans and practices encourage enterprise, facilitate prosperity, and expand the tax base thereby spreading and relieving the tax burden.  While we must be good custodians of the people’s money and save where we can, we can’t cut our way to prosperity; we have to grow our way to prosperity.  If you look around town you can see what 22 years of Democrat leadership and neglect has done to Clinton.  The results are painfully obvious.  While surrounding towns grow, we are in decline.  But this course can be turned around if we act now.

Understanding these consequences and addressing the underlying lack of incentives to grow here is what genuinely distinguishes the Republican alternative in Clinton.  Without growth, the only option we have to raise revenue is to raise taxes.  When we do that, businesses will continue to leave, none will locate here and our housing prices will decline to compensate new owners for the higher tax rate.  Is that the future we want?

Clinton's Republican Town Committee (RTC) is dedicated to identifying and electing leaders who embrace these founding principles as the surest means by which Clinton's promise and potential are fulfilled.  Clinton voters must be given a choice that is distinct, is clearly articulated and is well understood.   The RTC's mission is to recruit, endorse and elect candidates who will inspire Clinton's institutions and energize civic enterprise to respond to its citizen’s needs in ways that are fiscally responsible and cost effective.

To that end, this web site is dedicated.  May it serve our community and its’ leaders with clarity and inspiration.  In that context you are invited to volunteer to serve as a Republican on town boards and commissions.  Contact us through this web site.  Help us together to make a difference in Clinton.

Mark Wolf

RTC Chair

At the close of November 3rd, Bruce Farmer and William Fritz both tallied 1632 votes.  Upon recount on November 7th, Bruce Farmer edged out William Fritz for First Selectman by ONE vote- 1634  vs. 1633!

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Bruce Farmer

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